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Party Platform & Principles


The official Party Platform will be ratified in the upcoming General Assembly. Once this is done it will be uploaded here .

Below you can read more about the outline for the future of Israel and the people for whom it is their homeland that we aim to achieve.



Uncompromising commitment to ending the occupation and having a sustainable peace  via a just political settlement agreed upon by the two national communities.

The peace arrangements will be based on human rights, on full equality for every person and every community between the Jordan and the sea,


It will forge connection and partnership between the two nationalities, without forcing a unilateral solution and without creating a separation aimed at supremacy for one community over the other.



Commitment to the enactment of a civil and democratic constitution that will preserve the rights of every citizen, and the rights of every community, regardless of religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, or any other difference.


We commit to an uncompromising fight against any violence and against all those who seek to deny or annihilate rights and freedoms of the other.


Justice & Equality

Equitable and fair distribution of public resources, policy. A responsible economy that reduces disparities, promotes social cohesion, cares for every person and the environment, and requires equal representation in public institutions.



The space between the Jordan and the sea is a common homeland for both peoples: the national home of the Palestinian Arabs and the national home of Jewish people.


Recognizing this complexity allows for equal respect to both national identities, presenting them in the public sphere and maintaining contact with the people of their nationality overseas.

The respect we have for both national identities requires an empathic and sensitive recognition of the traumas of both communities. A recognition that creates an obligation to correct the wrongs of the past without creating new injustices and hardships.


The state symbols will be adapted to its civil identity and will reflect its core identities. Any legislation and state practice that contradicts these principles will be changed and adjusted.


The state will promote deep bilingualism - equal status to Arabic and Hebrew.


Separation of Religion & State

Complete and uncompromising secularization of the public space that belongs to everyone.

And, at the same time, allowing honoring and respecting every expression of religious or traditional faith in the private and communal spaces.


Political Partnership

The commitment to Arab-Jewish partnership leads to new political connections and to collaboration of the political forces committed to democracy civilly, for equality and the other values defined here.

All Its Citizens will seek partnership among parties and non-parliamentarian organizations within Israel, as well as regional and global partners.

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