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   שאלות נפוצות

  • How does the All Its Citizens differ from the existing left parties (Avoda, Meretz, The Joint List, Ra'am, Balad)?
    The most fundamental difference is the principle of Arab-Jewish equality, not only at the statements level, but in making sure that the leadership of the party is staffed in full equality between Arabs and Jews. In addition, All Its Citizens aims to meet the needs of Israeli citizens who are fed up with politics based on corruption, lies, and conspiracies. All Its Citizens are committed to integrity, reliability, transparency, and modern democratic principles in the management of the party.
  • What is the party's position on a constitution?
    A commitment to legislating a civil and democratic constitution that will maintain the rights of any civilian, and the rights of any community, regardless of religion, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, sexual tendency, or any other difference.
  • What is your position regarding ending the occupation?
    An uncompromising commitment to end the occupation, for a sustainable peace and a just political arrangement agreed upon by the majority of the two national communities (Israelis and Palestinians). Peace arrangements will be based on equal human rights for every person between the Jordan river and the sea. Instead of just dividing, the peace agreement should be based on a true partnership between the two nationalities. The agreement must be reached without compulsion of a one-sided solution and without creating a separation aimed at one community on top of the other.
  • What is the party's position on the National Law?
    The space between the Jordan river and the sea is a shared homeland for both peoples: The national home of Palestinian Arabs and the national home of the Jewish people. Recognition of this complexity allows the same respect to be honored, to present them in the public space and to maintain contact with the nation bent. The honor we have for national identities requires empathetic and sensitive recognition of the traumas of both communities, recognition that creates a commitment to amend the wrongdoings of the past without creating new wrongdoings and distress. The symbols of the state will be adapted to its civil identity and reflect its main identities. Anyone legislation or practice that meets these principles will be reconciled and adjusted. The state will promote deep bi -linguistic - equal status to Arabic and Hebrew.
  • What is the party's position on the fight against crime?
    We believe that it is the government’s responsibility to provide safety and security to all its citizens, regardless of ethnicity, community, or economic status. We are committed to an uncompromising struggle to ensure the government does all that is within its power to prevent crime and fight it firmly, all across the country.
  • What is the party's position on justice and equality?
    Equal and fair division of public resources, a responsible economic policy that reduces gaps, promotes social cohesion, takes care of every person and quality of the environment, and requires equitable representation in state institutions.
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