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Avrum Burg in an interview with Menachem Horowitz and Adi Sasson on Gali Israel (Hebrew)

Avrum Burg, former speaker of the Knesset - establishes a new "Jewish-Arab civil and egalitarian" party

In an interview with Menachem Horowitz and Adi Sasson, Burg says: "All Israeli politics is organized according to the national tribal organization. Jewish or Arab party. The most basic thing in the world is that politics is organized according to a civil concept that we are all equal citizens and you can be whoever you want in your house. We propose a party whose idea is civil and not tribal national".

"My worldview as a Jew is that the Jew must always support the minority (hereafter the Palestinians) and you can understand why."

"I have infinite patience for long runs. In the first stage we will change the discourse, in the second stage we will enter the Knesset, and in the third stage they will elect us to form the government."

"The system is currently organized around something stupid like only Bibi or just not Bibi and we are trying to present a worldview against that."

"The Mafdal, the religious Zionism of today, woe to the ears that hear this. It has become a party of race and resentment."

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